Project For Toby Strout



The Project for Toby Strout renovated the second story bath and laundry on the existing master bedroom addition at her residence in the Elm Heights Historic District of Bloomington, Indiana. The project adds a dormer window and structural supports to the north façade facing East Wylie Street, with the remaining renovation located under roof.

The original residence is a novel four-square structure that was built c.1925. A subsequent master bedroom addition, which varies from the original style, was undertaken prior to the implementation of the Elm Heights Historic District Design Guidelines c. 1980. The original four-square residence is considered a “contributing” structure as defined in the district’s guidelines—it meets the basic criteria of being at least 40 years old and contributing to the neighborhood’s historical character. The master bedroom addition, however, is considered a “non-contributing” structure by the district’s guidelines and therefore not subject to the same design restrictions as the original residence. The new dormer extension, located on the master bedroom, is nevertheless designed to complement the original four-square structure in its roof form and divided lite window design, thereby reflecting the original four-square structure in proportion and texture.

The new dormer houses a large walk-in shower with wrap-around windows for natural light. Additionally, 75 square feet of existing interior space was renovated bringing the total project area to 100 sq. ft. The design scheme modifies the existing bath and laundry spaces by providing additional closet and storage space, adding new fixtures and appliances, and offering the large walk-in shower.  While modest in scope, the project is intended to achieve the functionality of a full-size bathroom suite.

Client: Toby Strout
Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Design Credit: Robert J. Fakelmann, AIA
Design Consultant: David Gulyas Design


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