Tri-Level Home Renovation and Addition

 CONCEPTUAL DESIGN SECTION – Design Drawing: Robert Fakelmann, AIA

Project Description

The Tri-Level Home Renovation and Addition calls for redesigning and adding to a 1960’s split-level tract home. The project is located in the Park Ridge Subdivision of Bloomington, Indiana. The existing residence is split into two principal areas: a 650 sq. ft. bedroom area consisting of  3 bedrooms and a full bath; and a 675 sq. ft. living area consisting of a kitchen, dining room, living room, and a half bath. The 615 sq. ft. basement includes work and utility rooms, and a single car garage. The total heated area is 1,640 sq.ft.

The preliminary design modifies the bedroom area in order to create a children’s wing consisting of 4 bedrooms, reconfigures the kitchen to include a breakfast area, and modifies the living room to include a window seat and open circulation around the existing fireplace. The entry will be redesigned to appear open and inviting and accommodate a terraced sitting area. A two story addition adjacent to the existing dining room will provide additional entertainment space which will connect to a 2 story green house on the ground floor. The second floor master suite will include an east facing balcony which is cantilevered into the 2 story greenhouse and a private roof top garden set into the roof of the existing house.

Design Credits: Robert Fakelmann AIA and Alexis Wreden

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